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Coco was an adult Olive Ridley turtle who washed up on our island in July 2017. 
Intake Date: 22 July 2017
Length: 60 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Status: Deceased 26 October 2017


Coco arrived at the Rescue Centre by her own accord: she washed up on the beach of our island, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolho, entangled in a ghost net in July 2017. Of all the 1190 Maldivian islands, she somehow found her way to us.  Coco’s front left flipper was immediately amputated as it was severely damaged.

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Initially she seemed to respond to treatment and recovered well. However, in September she started showing signs of blood poisoning which eventually affected her brain and lungs. Despite extensive treatment, she lost the fight. Coco passed away on 26 October 2017.