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Meet Artemis, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Missing a Flipper

Artemis is the smallest of the juvenile olive ridley turtles currently at the Rescue Centre. He was sent to us from Atoll Marine Centre where he has been in residence for a month.

Intake Date: 27th February 2019
Length: 26 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Status: Current Patient

Artemis has been adopted for Noelie, Andrin, Florian and Mattia by Pierino Avoledo, for Phoebe Rose by Donna Watson, and by Mandy and Kevin Briggs

Artemis is missing a front flipper and the other does not work very well.

We X-rayed Artemis and found a badly broken bone in his remaining front flipper. This wound is now old and it is unlikely that we can heal these bones. However, we are planning a surgery that may help him regain some function once the infection in his flipper improves. Luckily he is losing his buoyancy and has dived for the first time since arriving at the Rescue Centre.