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Turtle Patient 140: Amber, Juvenile Olive Ridley

Turtle patient Amber recovering at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre. Image.
Amber recovering in her tank.

Amber was found floating in South Ari Atoll, already missing her left forelimb.

The Vitals

Intake Date: 2 March 2021
Patient Number: 140
Rescue Location: South Ari Atoll
Reason: Found floating, missing flipper
Transport Method: Seaplane
Status: Current patient

Species: Olive ridley
Scientific Name: Lepidochelys olivacea
Sex: Unknown
Age: Juvenile
Length: 45 cm
Weight: 8.55 kg

Amber has kindly been adopted by Eva Kormošová, for Angela by Megan, by Eva Rose Segura, for Henry by Paul, for Illy by Paul, for Morgane by Timothee Pelerin, by Ashley, India Amy Thomton, and by Dr. Subrahmanyam M. Pasumarty.

Amber’s Story

Amber was named by our volunteer, Jade, who picked the name because Amber is a healing stone and this little turtle needs some good vibes! On her x-rays, she has a small amount of trapped air, but otherwise seems quite well in herself, if quite skinny and undernourished. We will feed her up and monitor for any change in buoyancy. Thankfully she is eating very well.

15 March 2021
Amber started off the week well, then had a bit of a downturn in the middle where she wouldn’t eat. It seems she was stressed out by sharing a tank, so we moved her on her own. She now seems happier and is eating more consistently. We continue to monitor her diving progress.

22 March 2021
Little Amber is looking really well now; she is eating more consistently and seems much more active in her tank. Her buoyancy hasn’t changed substantially yet, but we are keeping an eye and are hoping to see some improvement soon!

29 March 2021
Amber is a bright little turtle now, quite active and attempting to dive. She is still struggling with her buoyancy, but we are hopeful it will improve within a few months. We are still early days.

4 April 2021
Unfortunately, Amber has had a bad week. She is very bright and active in herself but her buoyancy has actually worsened and she now sits higher in the water and lopsided. We have elected to anaesthetise her next week and remove some air from her while she is asleep, to see if we can help control the worsening of her condition.

11 April 2021
Amber is well in herself, very bright and eating well. Her buoyancy is still a concern at the moment, but we have held off any interventions for now to reduce her stress. We will continue to re-assess.

18 April 2021
Amber was very quiet at the start of the week and after a few follow up tests and x-rays, it was revealed that she was still showing signs of a bit of lung infection. She is therefore back on her antibiotics and it has made a huge difference. She is eating well, but unfortunately her buoyancy issues are still a problem. She is getting a little lower in the water on her left hand side but the progress is gradual.

25 April 2021
Amber’s buoyancy is improving and she is becoming more level in the water. She is still too buoyant, but the signs are good so we are monitoring her. She remains on antibiotics for pneumonia but is thankfully eating well and getting more active.

2 May 2021
Amber is still very buoyant but she has noticeably levelled out this week, meaning her buoyancy is more evenly distributed and hopefully improving. She remains on medication of her lung infection and is responding really well – her appetite is really good now and she is brighter in herself and gaining weight.

9 May 2021
Amber had x-rays and blood samples this week to asses her progress as she has been a little quiet. Her x-rays still show areas of abnormality in her lungs, but overall things are looking good. She is alos a little less anaemic, which is great. Her appetite picked up towards the end of the week and she is now quite keen again, so we will continue to monitor her closely. 

16 May 2021
Amber has definitely improved in terms of her buoyancy and she’s had a few very active days! She is still recovering from pneumonia but we are happy with her progress.

23 May 2021
Amber has been brighter this week and has even made some attempts to dive for her food! Her buoyancy issues are still ongoing but she is now much more symmetrical in the water, so things are improving.

30 May 2021
Amber is showing good signs of improvement, she is lower in the water now, which indicates her buoyancy issues are improving. She has made a few small attempts to dive, but, in general, is still not super high energy due to her pneumonia. Things are going in the right direction however.

6 June 2021
Amber continues to get lower and lower in the water, which is great, and will even make small attempts to dive for her food and can get herself under – which is good progress. She will have more x-rays soon to see how her lungs are doing.

13 June 2021
Amber has been doing really well this week and is showing more enthusiasm for diving. She remains on medication for pneumonia and when she has follow-up xrays and bloods soon, we will be able to decide if she still needs to continue. We are really happy with her progress overall. 

20 June 2021
Amber is getting brighter every week and is now more consistently trying to dive for her food, although she still gives up if it goes a bit too far at the moment. We are hopeful she will continue to improve and her motivation to dive will get better and better! She had x-rays this week which show a great improvement in the trapped air – there is much less than before, and also her pneumonia is much better. However, there are still some abnormal areas present so she will continue medications for now.