Watch Olive Ridley Project Videos

The Olive Ridley Project’s documentaries and videos raise awareness on ghost nets and ghost fishing and the impact on the Olive Ridley turtle species.

Check out a few of them here and find more on the Olive Ridley Project YouTube channel!

Threats of Ghost Fishing – An Animation

This animation highlights the problem of ghost fishing and the alarming number of sea turtles that were found entangled in ghost nets in the Maldives in just 1 year.
The animation also explains how you can help to reduce the problems associated with ghost fishing, regardless of where you live.


Ghost Net with a Trapped Olive Ridley – Rescue

Watch the rescue of an entangled Olive Ridley sea turtle in the Maldives – a story with a happy ending!


One Ton Ghost Net Removal in the Maldives

In August 2014, the Olive Ridley Project, in collaboration with IUCN, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives and Ocean Dive Maldives,
worked for 6 hours underwater to remove a 1 ton ghost net from a reef is South Male Atoll.
This is the story.


Ghost Nets of the Indian Ocean

This is a short film about the detrimental effect that ghost nets pose on the marine environment.
The footage, filmed around Maldives and Srilanka, documents discarded or lost fishing nets at sea and what happens when they are encountered by marine organisms.
Narrated by Rushan Bin Abdul Rahman.


Removing Ghost Net by Kayak 2014

Olive Ridley Project in action removing a large ghost net in North Male Atoll, Maldives.
It took 3.5 hours, a 2 man kayak, a saw and cutters and a lot of hard work, but we were victorious!


Turtle Rescue 2014

A happy ending double turtle rescue by the Olive Ridley Project, January 2014, Maldives.


Turtle Rescue, Jails, Maldives

In February 2014 one Olive Ridley turtle was lucky to be rescued from a ghost net in a spot aptly know as Jails in North Male Atoll, Maldives.
After its liberation it was clear that it had buoyancy problems and the turtle was transported to a turtle rehabilitation center. It has since been released.