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Meet Phantom, A Severely Injured Ghost Gear Victim

Phantom was an adult female olive ridley who was rescued by Lux Resort in Ari Atoll. She arrived in a very bad way.

Intake Date: 25th March 2019
Length: 67.5 cm
Weight: 32.2 kg
Status: Deceased 27th March 2019

Phantom was dehydrated and had severe wounds and infections covering most of her body. In addition, she had lost the scales on most of her face as well as scutes on her shell. One flipper was deeply cut and infected. On top of all this she weighed 10 kgs less than a turtle her size should.

We started her on aggressive antibiotic treatment, pain relief and fluid therapy. Unfortunately, the help was too late and she passed away. During post mortem we found that her reproductive tract was enlarged and she had an infected liver.