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Meet Orla, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Rescued From A Ghost Net In Noonu Atoll

Orla is a juvenile olive ridley turtle who was rescued from a ghost net along with a green turtle by Soneva Jani in Noonu Atoll. The green turtle was uninjured and released immediately. Orla, however, had several injuries from the entanglement to her front flippers and was transferred to the ORP Marine Turtle Rescue Centre for veterinarian care.

Intake Date: 18th October 2019
Length: 47.3 cm
Weight: 8.8 kg
Status: Released 30th November 2019

Orla has been adopted by Rebecca Staufenbiel and for Yee by Ceylan Senturk

The ghost net cut through the muscles of both of Orla’s front flippers. She also has injuries to her shell and back right flipper where the net has rubbed. Vet Jackie started Orla on antibiotics for the infections and gave her pain relief. Once Orla has stabilized, she will have surgery to remove the dead tissue and Vet Jackie will try to repair some of the muscle damage.

Although Orla was dehydrated and a bit skinny when she was rescued, she is bright and has a lot of fight in her. We hope she will make a full recovery.

28 October 2019
Orla has been well this week. All of her stitches are still in place. She is eating and playing with her ball and has settled in well. We are hoping for an uneventful recovery for her.

4 November 2019
Orla is diving! We moved her to the big tank which has helped with her diving. Some of her suture site has broken down but with regular cleaning and debridement, it should heal well. She has a swollen knee this week, and we suspect an osteomyelitis lesion is forming, so she has been started on a new antibiotic. 

18 November 2019
Orla has been happy in the big tank and is using her right front flipper better. She is having an x-ray this week to recheck a suspect area of bone that was thought to be an osteomyelitis lesion beginning. She continues on antibiotics for now, but no longer requires wound care as her lacerations and surgical sites have healed.

25 November 2019
As the Rescue Centre is filled to capacity, and then some, Orla is sharing the big tank with Eve this week Surprisingly they do not argue – which is wonderful! Orla is being prepared for release. Her scars are re-modelling and flattening out. She is swimming well with all her flippers and her course of antibiotics is nearly finished. We aim to release her later in the week.

30 November 2019
Orla was successfully released today. She dived straight into the deep blue without looking back for a second!