Moodhu Vina

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Meet Moodhu Vina, An Olive Ridley Ghost Net Victim From Laamu Atoll

Moodhu Vina is a juvenile olive ridley turtle and ghost net victim who was rescued along with another entangled turtle by a local boat crew in Laamu Atoll. The boat crew knew excately what to do and brought the injured turtles to our Sea Turtle Biologist at Six Senses Laamu.

Intake Date: 13th March 2019
Length: 40 cm
Weight: 6.25 kg
Status: Released 16th June 2019

Moodhu Vina has been adopted by Angelika Steinke

Following overnight care at Six Senses Laamu , both Moodhu Vina and the other rescued turtle, Big Mummy, was transported to our Turtle Rescue Centre for medical care.

Moodhu Vina had several cuts and a skin infection. He was named “Moodhu Vina” – Dhivehi for Seagrass – as he was found during the #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass campaign.

Luckily, Moodhu Vina had all four flippers intact. However, he developed a swollen infected elbow. We X-rayed his flipper, which confirmed a bone infection. We immediately started treatment and he responded well. After 2 weeks on medication he started using the flipper again.

We kept Moodhu Vina at the Rescue Centre to make sure the infection was completely gone. We are now very happy to announce that we have successfully managed to treat his elbow infection! After another set of X-rays, was cleared for release.