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Meet Joy, An Adult Female Ghost Net Amputee

Joy is an adult female olive ridley turtle. She came to us from Landaa Giraavaru in Baa Atoll.

Intake Date: 9th April 2019
Length: 60 cm
Weight: 22.5 kg
Status: Released 2nd September 2019

Joy has been adopted for granddaughters  Esme and Etta by Joyce Hilton, for grandma Joy for her 86th birthday by Breoni, by Liz Nguyen, and for Sadie by Matthew Cummings

Joy lost a flipper in her fight to free herself from a ghost net. We had to amputate what was left when she arrived at the Rescue Centre.

Joy did not use her remaining front flipper for weeks and it became very swollen due to an infection. She did, however, start eating – when we were not looking! We had to leave pieces of fish in overnight and they would be gone by morning.

Despite her shoulder being very swollen, Joy started using her flipper well. A repeat x-ray revealed that her bone infection had not cleared but, in fact, had become worse. We changed her antibiotic and moved her from the large to a medium size tank, where we are encouraging her to rest her flipper in the smaller space.

27 July 2019
Joy’s surgical site looks much better this week. The second antibiotic has helped clear this infection. She is swimming very well although her elbow is still swollen. She is due for x-rays next week to check on the status of her bone infection and she remains on antibiotics for this. We are hoping we finally have control of her infection.

Her appetite is amazing and she now eats all of her food enthusiastically. She is a favourite of many of the guests and has regular visitors.

3 August 2019
Joy is due for a new x-ray soon. She is using her flipper well, however the swelling is still present. Her appetite is great and she enjoys feeding time the most.

10 August 2019
Joy is continuing on her antibiotics and all is going well with her. She is using her remaining front flipper well despite the swelling and her appetite is still great.

17 August 2019
Joy is doing fabulously. She swims strongly and eats well. She is just waiting for final clearance before she can be released. Until then, she continues on her antibiotics.

26 August 2019
Hopefully, Joy will be given the all clear this week and follow Elba back home to the sea!

2 September 2019
Joy was cleared for release today! She had access to the large tank and was exercising in preparation for her departure from the Rescue Centre. She dove down straight away and was gone within minutes.