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Meet Florence, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Suffering From Buoyancy Syndrome

Florence was found floating in the ocean near our neighbour resort of Vaakaru.

Intake Date: 9th April 2019
Length: 40.5 cm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Status: Released 30th May 2019

Florence suffered from severe buoyancy syndrome. We x-rayed her, ran lab tests and tried to remove the trapped air causing her buoyancy. We are also treated her with fluids as she was very weak.

We X-rayed her and found a nasty pneumonia and lots of free gas inside her shell. We removed this gas and she instantly started diving. At first she popped back up after swimming down, but with each day she got better and finally managed to swim along the bottom of her tank. She responded well to treatment and has started eating with great appetite. This was a great improvement as she was very underweight.

Florence fully recovered from pneumonia and buoyancy syndrome. She completed one month on antibiotics and then stayed another two weeks to ensure that she was not going to relapse off medication. She became very strong and fast and ready to return home!