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Meet Boston, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Ghost Net Victim

Boston is a juvenile olive ridley turtle rescued from a ghost net in South Male Atoll by guests, Matthew Rowell and Lauren Ellis, from Como Cocoa Resort who were out kayaking.

Intake Date: 21st February 2019
Length: 35.5 cm
Weight: 4.25 kg
Status: Released 19th March 2019

Boston has been adopted by Matthew Rowell and Lauren Ellis

Boston is just a baby really, at 4.25 kg. He arrived with wounds to his neck and to 3 of his flippers. His flipper injuries have all been surgically repaired. Luckily there was no need to amputate any of them and he still has all his flippers!

Boston recovered well. The 3 flippers that were operated on completely healed and he had full function. As soon as he has had his stitches out, he was released.