Meet Ash, a Juvenile Hawksbill Ghost Gear Victim

Ash was found in the Alif Alif Atoll on an island called Thoddoo. She was entangled in a net that had almost completely severed her right front flipper.

Intake Date: 27 November 2020
Length: 27 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Status: Released 29 December 2020

Ash has been adopted for Ashleigh, by Karen and Calum, the Saywhat Bottles Team, for Jessica, George & Millie by Gill, by the Redhan Community, for Kevin by Jenn Botero and by Richard and Geli.

The lovely people who found Ash transported her to us by speedboat. On arrival, she was x-rayed, blood sampled and given pain relief. After a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic to remove the last little connection to her right flipper, she has been doing much much better. She is bright and active and alert, with a beautifully healing wound, which means we should be able to release her very shortly! 

30 November 2020
Our newest arrival, Ash, a beautiful hawksbill juvenile. She can swim brilliantly and has perfect buoyancy control. Her wound is nearly already healed and she is so active with no signs of infection or other problems, that we are planning to release her at the end of this week, as she needs to be back out on a reef! 

7 December 2020
Ash spent all week pooping out plastic which was quite shocking. Everything from net to plastic bags to hard plastic container bits. She seems in good health, however, and is on track to be released hopefully next week. She is having serial x-rays taken ever 3 to 4 days to monitor the progress of the material in her intestines. 

13 December 2020
Ash hasn’t passed any more plastic, which is great news. We are still waiting on some solid material that is showing up on x-ray to pass through, but overall she is doing really well; eating well, active and it won’t be long before she is released, likely in the next couple of weeks, so we are very excited about that.

29 December 2020
Ash was doing so well, eating very keenly, swimming well and pooping, but not plastic! She was released on 29 December 2020.