Monthly Giving | ORP 3.0

Join our Monthly Giving Program ORP 3.0 and help us protect more sea turtles. For just £3 per month you can make a BIG impact.

£3 may not sound like much but every penny really goes a long way. Your ongoing monthly gift will help with our continued efforts to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education and outreach.

Thanks to your support over the years we have treated over 155 injured sea turtles and successfully released more than 90 back into the wild. We have recovered more than 10 tons of ghost gear from beaches and oceans and saved countless turtles and other animals from getting entangled. We have educated thousands of school children, tourists, divers, fishers and resort employees. Identified more than 7,000 individual sea turtles and documented tens of thousands of sea turtle sightings in our turtle population studies.