Tristan Neto, Veterinary Nurse

Tristan Neto, portrait. Image.
Tristan Neto
Veterinary Nurse

Tristan Neto’s love for animals and conservation began from a young age whilst living in South Africa, where she visited many wildlife reserves.

In 2004, Tristan moved to Brighton in the UK, where she spent most of her life. Here her passion for exotic animals and wildlife continued, and she worked with wildlife in her role as a veterinary nursing assistant during her A-levels.

Tristan completed her degree in 2020 with first class honours in Veterinary Nursing, which included an elective module in exotics species. After qualifying she continued to work within practices with an extensive exotic caseload and then moved to an exotics-only referral hospital.

While working as an exotics referral nurse, Tristan gained experience with a large variety of species, from hamsters and birds of prey to tortoises and raccoons. Here she dealt with complex anaesthetics and medical nursing cases, as well as critical care nursing.

Tristan is working towards a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in Zoological and Exotic Species. Having already completed the avian module, she is now focusing on the reptile unit. On top of this, she is a certified marine mammal medic. 

Tristan joined the Olive Ridley Project in May and will be based at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre, in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Baa Atoll, Maldives. Here Tristan is learning all about medicine practices and nursing of sea turtles. Part of her responsibilities include assisting with the veterinary procedures, training the volunteers and interns, and educating guests. She is also helping with nest monitoring and data collection, as part of an ORP research project.

In her spare time Tristan enjoys playing sports, swimming in the sea and photographing wildlife.