Dr June Ang, Veterinary Surgeon

Dr June Ang, ORP Resident Veterinary Surgeon. Image.
Dr June Ang, Veterinary Surgeon

June Ang was ORP’s Resident Veterinary Surgeon in the Maldives from April to November 2022.

June Ang’s interest in aquatics started at a very young age. In fact, she went through veterinary school with the intention to graduate and work as an aquatic veterinarian.

After graduation in 2015, she completed clinical internships in aquariums and zoos in Japan and a fellowship with the University of California – Davis, in collaboration with Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, and Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute. June has also accumulated 3 years of working experience as a veterinary surgeon in small animal practice. Here she worked with dogs, cats, exotics, and aquatic companion species such as terrapins, koi and a variety of ornamental fish.

June has chosen to travel across the globe for the many opportunities that have led her to what she has humbly achieved so far. She is dedicated to making contributions to wildlife conservation and providing care to aquatic species through practicing, teaching, and research.