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Meet Dhooni, a Newly Hatched Hawksbill Turtle

Dhooni arrived at the Rescue Centre at only one day old! A predator, probably a bird or a crab, attacked Dhooni on her crawl from the nest to the ocean. Intake Date: 14th August 2018 Length:  cm Weight: 13 gr Status: Deceased 15th August 2018
One day old hawksbill turtle hatchling rescued from predator atttack Maldives
Dhooni, a one day old hawksbill hatchling
Dhooni came to us by sea plane from Bodhu Hithi, Male Atoll. Although Dhooni was too young to determine whether she was male or female, we referred to Dhooni as her. She was very flat and was not doing very well. We were unsure if she would make it. We treated her with fluids and provided wound care. In addition, we had to support her as she was too weak to swim. Sadly, she did not survive not survive her first night at the Rescue Centre.