Double Your Impact: The Big Give Green Match Fund

Sea turtles need your help!

For nearly a decade, our Marine Turtle Rescue Centre has been a beacon of hope for sea turtles suffering from terrible injuries and sickness in the Maldives. We pour our hearts and resources into the recovery of these creatures. After all, every rescued sea turtle when successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild adds strength to a species facing the threat of extinction.

As of 15th April, we have treated 242 turtles and successfully rehabilitated and released 140. Yet, the scale of our impact is directly tied to the support we receive. This year we have already admitted 22 new patients and we need you now more than ever.

2 x Impact: Save Sea Turtles With Your Donation

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural participation in the Big Give’s Green Match Fund Campaign. For seven days, from April 18th to April 25th, every pound you donate will be matched by our generous campaign partners for up to £5,000. This extraordinary opportunity means your donation will be doubled and have twice the impact!

Our goal is to raise £5,000 in just one week, which will be doubled by The Big Give to £10,000. With your help, we can get there!

Your donation will will help us:

  • Expand our capacity to treat more rescued sea turtles and improve our medical facilities and rehabilitation equipment
  • Deepen vital research on sea turtle health and the impact of marine debris on sea turtles
  • Increase satellite tagging of rehabilitated turtles to track their migration patterns, and advocate for policies that protect their habitats
  • Scale up our Veterinary Training Programme, building capacity for marine turtle medicine in the Indian Ocean Region

Mark Your Calendar

Our campaign kicks off on the Big Give’s platform on April 18th. Your support can make a big world of difference. Join us in this crucial mission to save sea turtles by donating to our fundraiser and watch your impact on sea turtle conservation multiply.

Here are three of the 11 patients currently in our care you will be helping if you donate today

Kurangi is a juvenile olive ridley who was discovered entangled in a ghost net. She was anaemic upon arrival, and had an infection, abrasions to her carapace along with severe flipper injuries. Her left front flipper was so damaged that it had to be amputated. We gave Kurani regular cold laser therapy which helped her wounds heal. As her health improved, she recovered from her anaemia and is now in the process of relearning how to dive.

Fida is a juvenile olive ridley who was found weak and afloat with two missing flippers on her right side. At the Rescue Centre, Fida received regular rounds of fluid therapy, wound cleaning and pain management. Now that Fida has regained her strength, we are focusing on getting her to overcome her buoyancy and dive again. Despite having only two functional flippers, she is quite determined and has made solid attempts to reach the bottom of her tank.

Kadhuru is a juvenile olive ridley turtle who was found floating and covered in thick tar. When oil or tar covers sea turtles, it can impair their ability to regulate their body temperature, hinder movement, and cause serious health issues, including respiratory problems and toxicity from ingestion. We cleaned the tar off and are now watching for signs of toxicity, as he ingested some of the tar. Kadhuru has also sustained burns on his skin and one of his eyes is quite affected.

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give is a trust that brings together larger donors with the giving public and the charities who need them. Their match funding campaigns offer a unique opportunity for donors to double their donations and make a greater difference.

When an individual donates to a charity through a Big Give campaign, funders – philanthropists, foundations or corporates – step in to match that donation. So £50 from a member of the public, becomes £100 for a good cause.

Who are our fund match partners?

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