Small Business & Start Up Partnerships: Work For Good

Join Our Mission to
Protect Sea Turtles

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Your small business can have a powerful and positive impact on sea turtle conservation, whatever your size. We have partnered with Work For Good to take the hassle out of supporting ORP through your business sales.

What is Work For Good?

Work For Good is a business fundraising platform that makes it easy to donate through your business sales. Work For Good takes care of the legal requirement that is needed when you want to donate a proportion of your sales to charity, known as a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA), leaving you to get on with what you do best.

By fundraising through your sales, you can sustainably support the causes you care about and make a real difference.

Work with purpose. Work for good.

How Does It Work?

How Work For Good works infographic.
  • Sign up with Work for Good
  • Pledge your donation and create a Commercial Participation Agreement with ORP in just a few minutes.
  • Market your giving and promote your support for ORP in plain text on your website, social media and promotional materials alongside the Work for Good logo.

You can choose the amount and frequency, plus with no minimum (or maximum!) donation amount, you can give as you grow.

Supporting ORP In Protecting Sea Turtles And Their Habitats

We’d love your business to have a powerful and positive impact. By donating to ORP, your business will demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting environmental conservation efforts with your clients, customers and staff. Moreover, our partnership will highlight the progressive steps you are taking in achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, by working to protect one of the oceans most iconic animals – the sea turtle