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One Nation Coral Revival

Once a year the good people from Save the Beach organise a two-day event on the tropical island of Villingili. The One Nation Coral Revival event is an opportunity for Maldivian artists, conservationists, marine researchers and nature lovers to get together and discuss the Maldivian environment and talk about ways to improve it.   Olive Ridley Project (ORP) volunteers Jesse … Read More

turtle trapped in ghost net

Ghost Net Entangles Five Olive Ridley Sea Turtles In The Maldives

The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle has a very special nesting behavior. Once a year thousands of females congregate in preparation for a mass nesting event known as an Arribada – this is derived from the spanish word meaning “arrival”. This spectacular behavior can be observed in very few places in the world, but one of those places is in an … Read More

Ghost Net Claims The Lives Of Two Turtles And One Shark

On 24th April 2007. The Prodivers Maldives team found a large ghost net nearby Kuredhu resort with many animals dead and entangled inside. The net had killed one adult male Grey Reef Shark (a Near Threatened and protected species), one juvenile Green Turtle (an Endangered and protected species), and one juvenile Olive Ridley Turtle (a Vulnerable and protected species). Thankfully, … Read More