Impact of Ghost Nets – Maldives: Educational Resources

Below you will find educational resources from Olive Ridley Project’s workshops on the impact of ghost nets in the Maldives.

Our workshops aim to spread awareness in local communities and tourist resorts about the impact of ghost nets in the Maldives, and to educate citizen scientists  in safe ghost net removal and disposal, entangled marine organism rescue, and accurate data collection.

An introduction to the Olive Ridley Project / Origin of Ghost Nets (Sessions 1 & 2)

Download (PDF, 27.25MB)


Monitoring and Reporting Ghost Nets (Session 3)

Download (PDF, 3.56MB)

Monitoring Marine creatures found associated with Ghost Nets (Session 5)

Download (PDF, 2.87MB)


First Aid Procedures and Case Studies (Session 6)

Download (PDF, 11.72MB)



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