Nicola Weeden, Chair of Trustees

Nicola Weeden,
Chair of Trustees

Nikki graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2009 with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology; the focus of her studies was the diversity of shark populations in the Bahamas. After graduation, Nikki worked alongside Martin Stelfox and Dr. Jillian Hudgins in Mexico, monitoring coral health and diversity on the Meso-American Barrier Reef, and teaching volunteers about the marine environment.

Since August of 2011, Nikki has worked with UK Diving Tour Operator blue o two. She has spent a lot of time in the Maldives on blue o two liveaboards, hosting “Project Shark” itineraries, which teaches divers about shark ecology, biology and threats to the shark populations.

Nikki has always had a passion for conservation; when Martin approached her about getting involved with the Olive Ridley Project, she was only too happy to get stuck in.