Meet Daisy, Our Largest Turtle Patient

Daisy is an adult female Olive ridley turtle who was found in Baa atoll in August 2017. 
Intake Date: 5 August 2017
Length: 69 cm
Weight: 30.5 kg
Status: Current patient

Daisy was found by Soneva Fushi, entangled in a ghost net that left her with deep wounds to her two front flippers as well as wounds to her back flippers.  She had surgery to her front right flipper, which has now healed very well.  Unfortunately she has an infection in her left front flipper that is not responding to medication.  She may need an amputation in the future if she doesn’t start to show signs of improvement. Daisy also suffers from buoyancy syndrome and is unable to dive. 

Daisy was a very fussy eater when she first arrived with us and refused to eat anything except crabs for her first couple of months! We are pleased to say she has started eating other foods and is thriving on her new found appetite.  She has a new personality, is more active and is putting on the weight she lost.