Map of Ghost Nets – Indian Ocean

The maps below are visual representations of where ghost nets have been recovered and sea turtles rescued in the Indian Ocean since Olive Ridley Project’s data collection program began in mid-2013.


The Olive Ridley Project would like to thank everyone who has, and continues to contribute valuable information about ghost net recoveries and sea turtle rescues. Every little bit of data helps us keep the Indian Ocean cleaner and safer for vulnerable marine life!

Map 1: Olive Ridley Project Contributors:

Click on the markers to see how many nets and turtles have been rescued by each contributor (please note, numbers may be slightly out of date!).
Click on the [ ] next to Sign in for a full page view of the map of ghost nets.



Map 2: Concentration of turtle entanglements reported by the Olive Ridley Project volunteers between July 2013 and July 2015.

Yellow indictaes low concentration, red indicates high concentration.

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