Image of young girl assisting with cleaning ghost nets

Nazatun keen to help Seher clean
ghost nets before being used by
the women of Rehmangoth.
Image credit: Martin Stelfox

It is our hope that Seher will be able to use her textile expertise to transform the large amounts of ghost gear collected by our team in Pakistan. Our collaboration will result in the production of a range of handcrafted products that build on local artisans’ existing unique skills. The women of Rehmangoth are busy testing the ghost nets and have produced incredible samples, showcasing the possibilities of this unusual material. We are excited to see this project develop over the next few months and are extremely hopeful that it will eventually provide an alternative income for the women and the community. If this pilot project is successful, we will replicate it in other costal villages. Furthermore, if the results of the project are positive, we hope that in time it will become a self-sustaining initiative.